Toyota, Lexus & Scion Service


The SD Truck Shop provides a wide variety of routine maintenance services such as regular oil changes, transmission fluid checks/changes, and replacement of air, oil, and fuel filters. We also top off all fluid levels including master cylinder brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Need alignment and your tires and brakes checked? We have you covered. Consistent tire rotation and alignment help to extend tire wear and lifecycle. For general maintenance, we stick to all manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules for maximizing vehicle lifespan, reliability, and fuel efficiency.


Brake service is crucial for your Toyota and Lexus build. Regular inspections and replacements of brake pads, rotors, and fluid prevent issues like brake fade and uneven wear. Proactive brake maintenance/service minimizes the risk of system failures, extending the overall lifespan of the brakes and preventing costly repairs. We specialize in OEM braking parts and top-of-the-line aftermarket performance big brake kits (BBK) such as Wilwood and other name-brand options. If you’re looking for the best in braking upgrades and/or brake maintenance, The Truck Shop in San Diego has you covered.

Suspension for OEM or Aftermarket Applications: Toyota, Lexus, and Scion in San Diego, CA


Whether it’s an OEM suspension system or an aftermarket suspension upgrade, the Truck Shop likely has it in stock, ready to install. We specialize in all aspects of bushing replacement and bushing upgrades as well as suspension component upgrades; upper control arms, lower control arms, spindles, knuckles, hubs, wheel bearings CV axles, tie-rods, and much more. We carry name brands such as Built Right, KING, Bilstein, ARB USA, and many others for you to choose from. We also specialize in shock rebuild and tuning services in San Diego for anyone with aftermarket coilovers and bypasses looking for a fresh rebuild and tune.


Transmission not shifting right? 4WD not engaging? Have any other questions about your transmission or T-Case? We have someone on staff who specializes in transmission service and 4WD transfer cases. We rebuild transmissions and t-case gears regularly here at The Truck Shop. We’re incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to 4WD applications, manual transmissions, and of course automatic transmissions. If you’re looking for a shop to troubleshoot your transmission, give us a call today.


The Truck Shop specializes in very technical engine diagnosis, engine rebuilds, and engine swaps. If you’ve got a blown head gasket or anything else related to pulling an engine apart, we can help. Need to rebuild the top or bottom end – we can help. We can fix all issues with engine oil leaks, engine oil pumps, timing belts, timing chains, fuel pump failures, water pump failures, and more. If you’re looking for an experienced Toyota/Lexus engine service shop in San Diego – look no further. Stop by today, and find out why we’re the #1 rated Toyota/Lexus service shop in the area.


We carry top-of-the-line A/C system service charging equipment. Whether you’re looking for an A/C recharge or a full A/C system rebuild, we can help. If you’re missing your A/C system, we can also build a new system with new lines, hoses, and condensers in-house – all to OEM spec. We’re one of the only shops that provides complete design, rebuild, and recharge – all under one roof. If you’re looking for an experienced shop in San Diego that knows what it takes to get you cold A/C again, look no further.


Whether you’re looking for an OEM-spec alignment or an Off-Road alignment with increased caster, The SD Truck Shop has an alignment service expert on staff. We use only the highest quality alignment tools and have an alignment specialist on staff 4-days a week. We have the experience you can depend on to provide perfect camber, caster, and toe specs in addition to clearing wheel wells to clear larger tires. That includes anything from fender-well clearance, body mount chops, cab mount chops and everything else needed to clear larger tires.

Toyota Restoration Service San Diego


Have you been in an accident? Does your paint/body need attention? If so we can help. Feel free to give us a call and then send over some photos to our paint/body team. From there, we can take a look and determine what the best next steps are. We provide paint/body services for all newer late-model Toyota/Lexus cars/trucks in addition to classic vehicles as well such as vintage Toyota Land Cruisers, and many other classic vehicles.