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Routine Maintenance for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion in San Diego, CA

Routine Maintenance

It’s no secret that staying on top of your vehicle’s routine maintenance is the single best thing you can do to avoid costly repairs down the road. The fluids in your vehicle are the lifeblood of the mechanical systems and ensuring that they are changed at the appropriate intervals is crucial.

At The Truck Shop, we offer every fluid service imaginable from oil changes, transmission transfusions, brake fluid flushes, coolant flushes, differential fluid, and transfer-case fluid services. Not only are we able to service all late-model Toyota/Lexus cars and trucks be we also specialize in vintage Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota pickup trucks. In addition to the wide range of fluid services we offer we are also your go-to shop in San Diego for things like engine air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters, and transmission filter replacements.

With the sky-high gas prices we are faced with today making sure your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible is more important than ever. Staying on top of things like the fuel system will lead to increased MPG and ultimately less money out of your pocket at the pump. The Truck Shop has all the knowledge and tools to service everything from the classic, carburetor-equipped Land Cruiser, to even the most complex late-model EFI systems.

Routine Maintenance Services

  • Rotate tires
  • Air filter
  • Change oil and filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Check gutters
  • HVAC checkup
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Change engine air filter
  • Change tires
  • Check all fluids
  • Check coolant levels
  • Check lights


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